Inishowen Way


Inishowen Wild Way - The Route

Section 1 Buncrana to Dunree Fort

On leaving the harbour in Buncrana, access the popular promenade northwards to the old bridge over the river Cranagh at GR C3440 3260. On the far side of this, turn right of Buncrana Castle, and immediately left of O'Doherty’s Keep, on a good footpath, which soon leads down to the shore. Follow the concrete coastal path past Ned’s Point, (a Napoleonic Fortress), and Father Hegarty’s Rock, until you reach the beach at Stragill, about an hour from Buncrana Pier.

At the far side of the beach GR 3250 3480, take a short cart track slanting up left, which leads to a narrow grassy track hugging the seaward side of the fence, which is followed through a couple of beaches for approx a kilometre to the Loretto Peace and reconciliation centre, a fine large white house in its own grounds GR 3180 3557 at Linsfort.

The coast beyond this is easily passable at low tide, but difficult at other times, therefore it is advisable to follow the tarmac lane inland for about 500m before taking a left turn, down past Linsfort Castle B&B to the coast, where the beach can again be accessed via a narrow track between two of the impressive new properties that command the bay. There is a well sited picnic table!

Continue along the sandy beach, past the Promontory Fort, to a narrow concrete pier at GR 3120 3640. If the tide is fully in, the last bit may have to be completed in the field above, where there is basic stile in place. Follow the track inland to join the main Buncrana to Dunree Rd, turn left and walk for about five minutes, turning right just beyond a ruined cottage at GR 3150 3724. Follow this minor road up hill for just less than a kilometre to a T-junction, turn left, then first left again, onto a quiet road running roughly parallel with the main road below.

At GR 3127 3830, (just opposite a bungalow), turn right up a 'Mohawk' lane, for just less than a kilometre to a T-junction, then left over the NE side of Tonduff Hill, with fine views of the Urris Hills. The megalithic Tomb at GR 3080 3930 is worth a short detour to see, and there are great views up and down the Swilly from here. This scenic lane is followed, curving leftwards, to another T-junction, turn right and almost immediately left at GR 3030 3950, and this leads, without any further turns, past the beach at Crummies bay, and around the prominent headland, to the Museum/Fort at Dunree, where there is a coffee shop.

Apparently there was originally a coastal path all the way to Dunree, which became so overgrown it was impassable. About 20 years ago funding was applied for, to reopen it (via a FAS scheme), but this was turned down. This information was supplied by local farmer John O'Hagan, who has kept his part of the coastal path open as far as GR 3110 3700. Obviously for this path to be reactivated would be an ideal solution.

Buncrana coastal pathPicnic table at Linsfort
Chambered Grave near Dunree

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