Inishowen Way


Inishowen Wild Way - The Route

Section 2 Dunree to Clonmany

Continue through the fort grounds in a NE direction, keeping left, passing the helicopter landing pad, to a pillbox at the end of the path. Squeeze through a gap on it's right and follow a narrow path (exposure on the left) descending on a track to the beach at Crummies Bay. Cross the beach, skipping, or paddling (if the tide is in, sometimes removal of boots and socks is advisable) across the river at the far end to gain the higher ground at the base of the Urris Hills. There are three options for the walker, over this section.

1. Ridge Route

The discerning hillwalker will at this stage, choose to traverse the superb ridge of the Urris Hills, along a well established hillwalkers' track, over Mamore Gap to Raghtin Mor, and descend East to join the path in Butlers Glen, (as fine a range of hills of their height, as there is in Ireland).
Dunree FortDescent from Dunree Fort

Useful Grid Refs

Urris Hills from SW to NE Mamore Hills from SW to NE
Beach   GR 29340 39693   Mamore Hill 423m   GR 32428 43596
1st Top 326m   GR 29972 41297   Mamore/Crockmain Col   GR 33289 44360
Summit 417m   GR 30683 41856   Crockmain 460m   GR 33458 44977
3rd Top 400m   GR 31327 42377   Raghtin More 502m   GR 33910 45550
4th Top 385m   GR 31503 42839   Raghtin Beg 416m   GR 34196 46232
Mamore Gap   GR 32002 42896   Butler's Glen   GR 35900 46900
For those who do not wish to ascend Raghtin Mor at the end, leave the ridge at the Mamore Hill/Crockmain col, GR 33289 44360, continue 1k NE to
the Crockmain/slievekeeragh saddle, GR 34100 44300, and descend NE to gain the Butler's Glen track to Glen House (Refreshments and
accommodation). 11.5km, 5 hours approx.
Crossing Crummies bay to the Urris HillsPort Na Sionnach

2. Coastal Route

A lower altitude alternative would be to follow a rough path above the fence, along the coastline for about 15 minutes, before descending slightly into a shallow valley which runs down to a small beach at GR 29000 40000. Turn right, and follow a path up the hill, (cairns) passing the rocky bay of Portshinnagh, and a further gorge, on your left hand side, traverse a short hillside and head up a rising shallow valley towards a prominent rocky knobble on the ridge/skyline ahead. This valley can be full of ferns, up the middle may be heavy going in the height of summer, so at this time it may be easier up steeper ground/short heather on the right. This was the old coastal track linking Dunree and Leenan, which has become defunct since the advent of the motor car and the construction of Mamore Gap. You are heading for the col on the right hand side of the aforementioned rocky knobble. Previously deep heather made this hard work, and use of the rocks and scree on either side gave welcome relief, but this has burnt off, and it is now much easier to zig zag up the steep slope to the col.(the high point of this coastal traverse!)
On gaining the col GR 29430 40880, continue north east, descending slightly, beside an old turf cutting. Ahead you can see the wreckage of the WW2 Wellington bomber on the hillside,GR 29700 41380. Traverse to this, and visit this historic site (and geo-cache), before heading back up the hill. Drop into the shallow valley to the north east and follow the marker posts to the first (higher) of the lakes(Lough Fad) on the Urris Lakes Loop trail. From the far end of this narrow lake, follow the posts to the lower lake (Crum Lough) and descend, using some boardwalks, to join the wider waymarked tracks leading down towards Leenan.
Approaching the col on the Dunree/Leenan pathSite of wrecked aircraft
 Choose the higher trail towards Leenan, by forking right, and then uphill, at GR 306 429 climbing up the northern flank of Croaghcarragh. Keeping left at the next fork, continue up until the angle eases, with a pleasent green area on the left. Leave the track and traverse left around the hillside until a further track is found leading directly down to the upper reaches of Mamore Gap, from wherea descent can be made to the car park at north Mamore Gap. (Alternatively, you can follow the main waymarked trail down to Leenan, and take the road towards Mamore Gap, turning sharp right at GR 31769 44500 and climbing to the car park at north Mamore Gap at GR 31771 44154). This is the starting point for the waymarked linear trail - 'Mamore to Straid' which will take you up to the col between Mamore Hill and Crockmain, GR 33289 44360, (where you may be joined by the ridge walkers! ).
Continue on this trai,l across in a NE direction, to the col between Crockmain and Slievekeeragh at GR 34100 44300. Here you will have the wonderful experience of being totally surrounded by high, wild mountain terrain, and great views on all sides. Descend NE on this good waymarked track, down to Butlers Glen where you will find the Glen House (refreshments and accommodation) and a worthwhile short diversion to see the waterfall. Allow 4 hours from Dunree. Glen House is the only B&B in this area, but if you are looking for a campsite, continue approx one kilometre to Clonmany (shops, pubs and more B&B's), and turn sharp left in the square, right after 0.6km, and follow the signs to the camping/caravan site at GR 36578 47828 (Tel no 0749376800) where you will be made very welcome by Aodhan and Christina McEleney.
Leenan pathButler's Glen

3. Minor Road

In poor weather conditions/bad visibility, an option would to take the scenic lane, starting at GR 29717 39401, running along the south side of the ridge through Carna and Hillside, to the Mamore Gap road at GR 32322 42098. Turn left, and take the first track right at GR 32254 42280, through the forest, up Camowen Glen. The track finishes just below the Crockmain/Slievekeeragh saddle, and the descent from the saddle via Butler's Glen is described previously.
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