Inishowen Way


Inishowen Wild Way - The Route

Section 5

Day 5 Tremone to Moville

From Trean House walk north for a short distance towards Tremone bay, and at the T-junction GR 59301 47358, turn right. This minor road climbs gradually to the tiny village of Ballymagaraghy and continues over the hill, with good sea views to the north, for 2 kilometres to join the road leading down to Kinnego Bay. Turn left, at GR 62003 45969, continue down to the information board (regarding the Trinidad Valencera, an armada galleon wrecked 1588 in the bay) (1 hour), at GR 62732 46214, and descend to the beach at GR 62806 46180. This is a glorious beach, and it is followed east, to where the path climbs behind a prominent rock tower (beware polished rocks) descending to the more exclusive sands of Glennagivney Bay. Cross a stream, then follow the far bank inland, and a secluded spinney leads delightfully up through the woods to an ancient Danish fort GR 63812 45511, where you meet another track.
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Go left, and follow the lane up to some cottages, one of which is Anthony McHendrys 'Music House' in which there are sessions on Friday and Sunday nights, GR 64017 45254. Stop, say "hello", and pay him the courtesy of asking permission to use his lane (he is a lovely man, and is unlikely to say no!!) Just past his house, turn left up the lane at GR 64029 45226, taking care not to damage his gate, and continue to GR 64571 45195, where another gate leads to a track across open bogland.
Follow this, keep right at a T-junction at GR 65139 45116, and continue to Glenane Hill, after which you turn left at GR 65512 44605 to join the 'Inishowen Head Scenic Loop'. There is signage, picnic tables etc, but some of the track has been badly damaged by 4x4 activity.
Kinnego day 7The track continues South East past Balbane head to a picnic area above St Columb's departure point for Iona, at GR 67824 44035. Just beyond this, there is a lookout tower on Inishowen Head GR 68328 43733, and it is possible to descend along a narrow ridge, and rightwards steeply down into Port a Doris, continuing along the coastal path, but this is not recommended, unless you are sure footed and know the exact descent route. Otherwise follow the track down to Shroove at GR 68185 42753, and the coastal road into Greencastle.

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